This and every Sunday at 8.30pm it’s Chris Purchase Live From His Dining Room! The topical comedy show about the week’s news streamed live and free right to your devices! We’re now multiplatform so tune in on Facebook:

Here’s a taste of last week’s show!

Where to watch

Wow what a great show last night and after a bunch of messages about where you can see it next Sunday I can say we’ll now be streaming the show across 3 separate platforms! All supported by their own apps but also entirely viewable through most browsers.
Obviously you’ll be able to watch through facebook at

And YouTube at

But now you’ll also be able to view it on twitch at

Never thought I’d be streaming my own live topical comedy show every week but then I never thought we’d be locked in our houses desperate to touch strangers’ faces yet here we are. Go sign follow me on any of those places and don’t miss out on next Sunday’s show!

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Live From His Dining Room Episode 3

Here is this week’s episode of my weekly topical comedy show “Live From His Dining Room. If you’re enjoying it consider tipping me at

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Live from his dining room

Get your chocolate, your drinks and settle in for Easter Sunday’s weekly dose of news and topical humour from me “Live from his dining room” this week I will be broadcasting simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube live so sign up for the event at the link below

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