After Some Technical Issues

Tonight 8.30pm my good friend Harriet Dyer and myself will be having a chat on “After Some Technical Issues” the aptly named online talk show about anything other than comedy or Coronavirus that you join in with, just log on and ask any questions you want. Join us on all platforms at or

British Comedy Guide interview

The British Comedy Guide interviewed me about my online shows, you all get a mention in it (not individually unfortunately, not enough space). To me it’s a wonderful thing that being a geek is being part of a really positive community. As I say in the article it’s truly amazing that you can go online any time you want and just say “fancy a game?” and there will be someone there whether it’s computer games, board games, Dungeons and Dragons or anything.

Also big thanks to Ignacio Lopez for his design on my photo

Facebook charging?!

It’s come to my attention that Facebook is trying to monetise all live streams so I’m going to try to move as much as possible over to YouTube/Twitch if I can. I’m not going to stop posting here but I want to make sure that everyone can still see everything I’m putting up without it being behind a pay wall of any kind. Go subscribe and when I get to 400 subscribers I’ll do a giveaway.

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