As you all know of course tonight at 8.30pm is “Live From His Dining Room” my topical comedy show that’s news without the boring bits. YouTube and Twitch are the best ways to watch but it’s also live on Facebook. Links in bio. See you there!

We’ve got to show up

Really proud of Lichfield today. Proper peaceful socially distanced protest stretching all the way from one end of the city to the other. Organiser came around with a tape measure to make sure everyone was distancing, police liaison did the same. Huge support from drivers honking as they drove past, an ice cream van turned back on itself just to show support with it’s music, even ambulances honking as they drove past waving. This is my first protest. I can’t just share a social media post and feel less guilty for my lack of actual action, that’s never been enough. I was worried about going today but last night Lucy turned to me and said “We’ve got to show up, if we don’t show up for people who need us to how can we ever expect people to show up for us”. We all need to show up.

Bloody well done to everyone today for showing up.

Thank you

Before this day ends I want to take a moment to say thank you. When the lockdown was announced I panicked, my career entirely relied on groups of people gathering together in rooms around the world. Overnight a decade of hard work and sacrifice seemed to disappear. For a week I didn’t know what to do so I started putting out stupid videos, jokes, memes, stories, sketches just whatever was in my head at that time to distract myself and whoever was listening from the world falling apart. The response was insane. You watched my stuff, liked it, shared it, got your friends to do the same and it was incredible, I was blown away by it all. When I started the weekly Sunday night show I didn’t think anyone would watch and now after ten shows over 15,000 people have tuned in, both live or after. Your support has got me through this. Then today the amount of you who took time out of your day just to send birthday wishes was overwhelming. I honestly can’t believe how lucky I am to be supported like this by so many people. Every single time one of you likes a post, comments or anything else I see it and it makes my day. Some of you I knew before, some I’ve taught and others I’ve come to know because of you following me, all of you I think of as friends, all of you I appreciate.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done through the years, supporting my crazy health kicks, rants against social injustice, late night insane epiphanies and oversharing. When the lockdown happened and my career disappeared you gave me a new one and kept the lights on. Here’s to the future, it’s a privilege to perform for you.