From The Waist Up – Now a podcast too

All the morning’s top headlines from me now as a handy podcast!

Tonight’s new look show

Tonight’s show also has some big news we’ve now changed from “Live From His Dining Room” to “Sunday Night with Chris Purchase” maybe now I’ll say the right name live on the show.

So join the new look show with our new mic tonight 8.30pm live with topical jokes, news and opinions from the week at

My 11th Comedy Birthday tonight!

It’s my 11th year in comedy this week so tonight 8.30pm on the Mess Around Show we’re having a party! There’s going to be interactive party games you can join in with at home, some retro gaming action with whatever I can find online, cake and I’m going to see if I can nail the high notes in Aha’s Take On Me with some karaoke at the end of the night, all across YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Then stay online for some after hours Twitch Fall Guys action! It’s going to be one hell of an online party! Links below!


BIG NEWS! As you’re all aware I am streaming more and more, loads of you are joining in live with the regular shows and even more are catching up in your own time. At the moment all of these shows stream across Facebook, YouTube and Twitch however Facebook is a constant source of technical problems and quality issues so I’ve made the decision to stop streaming on Facebook. It’s not going to happen immediately to give everyone that wants to keep watching a chance to migrate over to YouTube (or Twitch if you’re so inclined). From your perspective the quality of the shows will be a lot higher, as facebook compresses them massively and drops constantly along with trying to hide a lot of my stuff behind a paywall, and you’ll be notified directly when it’s going live along with easy to follow reminders of upcoming special events. From my perspective the stream won’t crash every time.

Live streams are the only things moving, I will still be on Facebook with updates, jokes and links to the shows on YouTube.

August 30th will be the last live stream on facebook. If you have any questions or problems please drop them in the comments here. For me this is incredibly exciting as those platforms are specifically designed to provide the best quality shows and make it easier for content producers to upload their stuff. Click on the pictures below to subscribe to my YouTube or Twitch

The Tower of Trouble

BIG NEWS FOR THIS WEEK! Thursday night 8.30pm I’ll be hosting my first ever live “Choose Your Own Adventure” show “Tower of Trouble”! You, the audience, will make all the decisions on how the story goes. You’ll meet characters, complete quests and fight monsters! This Thursday 8.30pm live on