Animal cruelty and social media

I’m putting out exceedingly short videos in order to give people an idea of what my show is like without revealing too much 

I’ve already put out 4 and here’s the 5th and final one. 


Our new kitten

“When we move into our first house I’ll get your a kitten” I promised my incredible girlfriend long ago “won’t be long!”. Two years later and the closest we’d got to a house was a 2 bedroom apartment. Squeezing the four of us into it felt like the Nazis were looking for us and one of us should keep a journal. Another year later and the apartment gradually getting smaller we finally got ourselves a lovely house.

So when we moved into our first house a month ago I made good on my promise and for her birthday Lucy was told that she had to wait two weeks to get her present. Today was the end of those two weeks so let me introduce you to the newest member of our household, Washington:


I mean you’ve already gone ” aawwwwww” right? You’re not made of stone! He’s only 8 weeks old!

The little guy is settling in nicely and I think I may have scored serious boyfriend points (I mean this is at least a weekend away with the boys, right?)