Today we have my friend Darren giving you his top tips for getting through the end of the world in the comedy series “Apocalypse Wow”, a new episode of my podcast “Who Gives A Sh*t” and finally a new video in my mental health series “I Fight Demons”. Enjoy!

Who Gives A Sh*t with Chris Purchase – Season 3, Episode 1. The Lockdown, please check it out

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The Distractathon!

We’re all going through an incredibly tough time at the moment. You know what’s going on outside so I’m going to do my best to entertain you all until all of this blows over. Every day I’ll be releasing funny videos, new podcast episodes, jokes and I’m writing a page of a fantasy novel every day and reading it on Facebook live. I’m not charging for any of this I’m just using the only skill I have to try to make the next few weeks easier for everyone. The Distractathon started yesterday and the first video is up

I’ll be releasing a new episode of my podcast “Who Gives A Sh*t” later today so now is a great opportunity for you to catch up


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