Thank you ChrisPians!

FUCK MY DICE THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! A complete sell out for the first ever performance of “20 Sided Dice” at the Nottingham Comedy Festival and it was amazing, easily the best hour show I’ve ever written and the audience was so good. Thank you to everyone that came out, you really made it a perfect night for me. I can’t wait to keep touring this show. I’m on such a high right now! A stand-up show about Dungeons and Dragons and how it’s made my life better, I never thought I’d be able to do a show like this and it sold out! For everyone that came thank you again and I hope that tonight you, like me, will be killing some goblins.

Huge thank you to Taylor Saranic and Jen Bower for making it possible

If you’d like me to come to your city/town/hamlet/tavern and perform “20 Sided Dice” email me here

Here’s a little snippet for everyone that missed it

Season 2 episode 2 of Who Gives a Shit podcast

You asked for it:

Who Gives A Sh*t with Chris Purchase | Season 2 Episode 2 – Self Sabotage, let’s play it!

And also on iTunes –

It’s been a while

It’s been a while, this seems to be how I always start these posts, It’s been a while and I’m sorry that it’s been so long. But as it’s Christmas, and like the crazy uncle who always smells of whiskey and stuffs fivers into your hands saying “don’t tell your mum”, I thought I’d show up again. What a year. What a goddam crazy year for me. At the end of this year I’m 35% less of the person I was at the beginning. I’ve lost 9 stone in total (how I did it is here), been signed to an agency, been a UK and International finalist in comedy awards I was nomiated for, gone viral a bunch and learned that Quorn is ground up mushroom. What a ride. I mean mushroom is pretty meaty on it’s own, why grind it up? Just eat mushrooms, fry them with butter or coconut oil, add garlic, delicious. I keep promising to update this blog more regularly but I’m never really sure what you want to read, there’s nearly 10,000 of you so it’s hard to please all of you. I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of being weird and picky about it I’m just going to post everything. Stories, pictures, videos, dates of stuff coming up, everything. Then you can decide. If at the end of next year there’s less of you than now maybe we’ll change it but really I’m sure there’s going to be more. I’ve been doing a joke advent calendar for the whole of December. Some of you will have seen these before in my other social media, some will have seen them when they went viral but I’m sticking all of them up here now so you’ve all definitely seen them straight from source. Enjoy

Joke roundup

It’s been a while since I posted actual jokes on here, instead bombarding you with dieting and books like a librarian six weeks before their wedding day, and now I realise there’s nearly 10,000 of you I feel like I’m letting you down so here’s some stuff for you to enjoy as a thank you for following me and also because you laughing at my material fills a hole in my self esteem. Enjoy.