DISTRACTATHON DAY 14! New Sketch and more!

If you saw last night’s show and still want more then you’re in luck because I’ve got loads of stuff for you today. First up a new sketch “Eating in the lockdown” (you’ll need to go full screen)

New podcast episode of Who Gives A Sh*t Season 3 Episode 3 – Empathy, empathy they’ve all got it empathy, please check it out

And finally episode 14 of my mental health series “I Fight Demons” about paranoia and accepting it


We’re at Day 4 of my Distractathon and the UK government announced all schools will be closed from Monday indefinitely. I realise it’s getting worse here in Britain but I refuse to let that stop me from producing things to help all of us get through this. Today we have a new sketch with Connor McGuigan, Sports Reporter, a new “I Fight Demons” mental health video and tonight at 7pm I’ll be live streaming the first part of my new novel “Erebonia: The Reality Gambit” which is the first book ever to be written daily, read to an audience then the next part written from suggestions from the audience which you can tune into here at 7pm click this link. I may have taken on too much.

First up, the news!

and if that’s rattled you a bit too much here’s the next in my serious mental health series “I Fight Demons”

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Today we have my friend Darren giving you his top tips for getting through the end of the world in the comedy series “Apocalypse Wow”, a new episode of my podcast “Who Gives A Sh*t” and finally a new video in my mental health series “I Fight Demons”. Enjoy!

Who Gives A Sh*t with Chris Purchase – Season 3, Episode 1. The Lockdown, please check it out

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The Distractathon!

We’re all going through an incredibly tough time at the moment. You know what’s going on outside so I’m going to do my best to entertain you all until all of this blows over. Every day I’ll be releasing funny videos, new podcast episodes, jokes and I’m writing a page of a fantasy novel every day and reading it on Facebook live. I’m not charging for any of this I’m just using the only skill I have to try to make the next few weeks easier for everyone. The Distractathon started yesterday and the first video is up

I’ll be releasing a new episode of my podcast “Who Gives A Sh*t” later today so now is a great opportunity for you to catch up


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I Fight Demons

Hello ChrisPians! Thank you again for following me on this crazy journey of mine, we’ve had our ups and downs, our highs and lows and we’ve had our “Where the hell are we? Are you sure that was the right turning? Ok I guess we live here now”s. All the way through it, so far, you’ve been with me at tour shows, coming to clubs, sharing my jokes, messaging me with support and generally being amazing so now I feel like it’s time for me to give a bit more back.

As all of you should know I suffer with bipolar disorder, have done ever since I was a tween, I talk about it extensively on stage and am always trying to find ways to help other sufferers who aren’t as far along their mental health journey as I am. With that in mind I’ve started a series of videos for people like myself, people who aren’t wealthy or have high flying jobs or multiple houses, people who need tiny steps to help them manage their mental health issue, be it bipolar, depression, anxiety or any of the other multiple new disorders that are thankfully being recognised by medical professionals.

The biggest issue people have with mental health problems is that a lot of therapists treat it like trauma, trying to make you accept it as part of yourself when in fact it’s an illness and that can be damaging.  I don’t accept that, I don’t accept that it’s part of me, as far as I’m concerned it’s a demon trying to destroy me and something to fight.

Here are the first four videos in my “I Fight Demons” series, if you enjoy them and find them helpful subscribe and share with others. Everything on the videos is a way I’ve managed my bipolar. Together We Fight Demons.