How to support a creative

If it was up to me I'd never have anything to do with money, I'd never ask anyone for it or try to earn it. What I'd prefer is being a traveling troubadour, asking only for food for the night and a warm place to stay but unfortunately my kids are allergic to hay and…Read more How to support a creative

Motivating myself

I have a million things to do today. That's hyperbole, I have about 16 things to do today but really if I really thought about it I could make it up to a million. I mean if I really thought about it I could break down any of the things I have to do into…Read more Motivating myself

How to Festivals

Getting your first festival is a rite of passage for a new comedian. You're all excited because it's going to be the biggest crowd you've ever performed to, on other stages musical superstars will be performing with pyrotechnics and dancers plus there's every chance you'll be offered  A class drugs by a guy in parachute…Read more How to Festivals