Tonight is the start of two shows every Sunday! Due to Twitch needing 24hr exclusivity I'll now be doing a "Sunday Night with Chris Purchase" live at 8.30pm on YouTube Then at 9.30pm a completely different Sunday Night with Chris Purchase at they'll both be completely different from each other so you can…Read more TWO SHOWS EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT!


This and every Sunday at 8.30pm it's Chris Purchase Live From His Dining Room! The topical comedy show about the week's news streamed live and free right to your devices! We're now multiplatform so tune in on Facebook: Here's a taste of last week's show!

Live From His Dining Room Episode 3

Here is this week's episode of my weekly topical comedy show "Live From His Dining Room. If you're enjoying it consider tipping me at Here is the link for Susie Norton's great fundraising efforts! Go check it out and definitely donate

Totally nailed that regular update thing

So yeah totally and completely failed in every way to keep updating this regularly. I have no excuse beyond getting married and moving house all in the same month plus having a job that requires me to drive the same amount of distance as a HGV driver without the regular pay cheque and roadside blowjobs. However…Read more Totally nailed that regular update thing


After a sell out run of work in progress shows at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival I'm now performing my solo show "Distant" for real at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre on Saturday March 5th. I'm so damn excited about it because this is a show about things I believe in, it's counter culturalism at it's best and…Read more SOLO SHOW NEWS!!