Two Live Shows every Sunday night

Tonight you can choose what flavour of live show you want. 8.30pm on YouTube you have "Sunday Night" a comedy news roundup or head over to Twitch at 9.30pm for "Neon Apocalypse" a huge explosion of positive chaos. Whatever you choose we're going to have a lot of fun, push the energy through the roof…Read more Two Live Shows every Sunday night

World Mental Health Day

I felt like, with mental health, both good and bad, defining a huge portion of my life and identity I needed to post today. I thought about posting all of the bad things that had happened when I was at my worst, the way I'd been treated by people I thought cared about me, the…Read more World Mental Health Day


Tonight is the start of two shows every Sunday! Due to Twitch needing 24hr exclusivity I'll now be doing a "Sunday Night with Chris Purchase" live at 8.30pm on YouTube Then at 9.30pm a completely different Sunday Night with Chris Purchase at they'll both be completely different from each other so you can…Read more TWO SHOWS EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT!