Tonight is the start of two shows every Sunday! Due to Twitch needing 24hr exclusivity I’ll now be doing a “Sunday Night with Chris Purchase” live at 8.30pm on YouTube

Then at 9.30pm a completely different Sunday Night with Chris Purchase at they’ll both be completely different from each other so you can watch one then jump across to the other or just watch on your favourite platform! See you there for a weekly news roundup, jokes and your opinions! It’s all completely interactive

No More Facebook

Just a reminder that as of Monday no videos will be posted to Facebook. I’ll still be posting other things on there but as they’re mostly not getting seen by anyone the move is necessary for me. At the start of Lockdown it was the best place to be as we interacted and it felt like a real community but Facebook has intentionally throttled audience to posts in order to hold creators to ransom and I’m not willing to be part of that, especially when the Facebook interface/app/website is complete garbage. At the beginning of this year thousands were seeing my videos, as of yesterday it was down to between 20 to 30. It’s not good for you as my fans, it’s not good for me as a performer and it’s awful for my mental health

From Monday I’ll be mostly on Twitter and this website for updates and video will move entirely to YouTube and Twitch. Instagram is questionable as I’ve noticed a massive drop on there too.

Please come and find me on one of those other platforms, I’ve missed a lot of you who I now realise just weren’t seeing my posts.

Chris DMs The World!

Thanks to everyone that joined me for “Chris DMs the World” The first ever livestream Dungeons & Dragons show where everything is made up on the spot and the audience makes ALL the decisions, it was amazing! Just wow! We are doing it again and again so catch up with Jeff, Baelamor, Kalif, Astronomicus and Skully next week! I’m emotional from how many of you there were!

If you missed it you can catch up below!

And you can visit the merch store to get one of the “Slay Some Goblins” tees I was wearing on the stream by clicking on the pic below


Tonight 8.30pm you can play Dungeons and Dragons with me live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook! Jump on one of those streams and comment to choose what happens in this live adventure! Am I insane? Yes! Is this even possible?! Probably not! Is there even a plan? AHAHAHA no. WILL IT BE FUN? MOST DEFINITELY!