Exciting news!

I’ve had some awesome news confirmed that I’ll be supporting Dane Baptiste at the Derby show of his new tour on March 21st, I’m bloody excited! Local friends and followers go grab tickets

Click for tickets

Leicester Comedy Festival

I’ve been asked by a few people when I’m next performing “20 Sided Dice” and the answer is February 5th at the Leicester Comedy Festival and it’s already nearly sold out. Grab the last remaining tickets by clicking on the pic

Merry Christmas ChrisPians

DAY 24 OF THE CHRIS PURCHASE JOKE ADVENT CALENDAR 2019I wanted the final entry into this advent calendar to be something a little more memorable than all of the others, this has been the closing speech for my show “20 Sided Dice” every performance this month.The world is a dark place. We can spend our entire lives bitter and jealous, frightened, blaming everyone but ourselves for how we feel or we can spend every second we’ve got trying to make it better for others because in the end that’s what matters. You can’t change everything, you can’t even change the world, but you can make a few people’s lives better for tiny amounts of time and if we all did that then the world would change. You don’t matter in the huge scheme of things but you do matter to everyone around you and they matter to you. Let’s go into 2020 knowing that we are all going to do our best to help every chance we get and in every way we can. I know you can do it ChrisPians because I’ve seen you already doing it.Thank you so much for helping make 2019 one of the best years of my life. It’s been a privilege to share my material with you.Now let’s overeat, spread joy and listen to the same ten songs over and over again while wearing silly hats. Merry Christmas to all of you!


SWORD FIGHTS! GOBLIN SLAYING! TAVERN SONGS! A JOKE ABOUT OPTIMUS PRIME! It’s an incredible full blooded geek experience fueled by health potions and niche nerd culture references!

The tour has already sold out in Manchester and Stony Stratford but don’t despair! You can catch me at one of the other 5 dates over December! Tickets are £10 and you can find the link by going to http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/comedy and choosing the town and date (apologies for it not being an automated link but wordpress is causing an error for those so you’ll have to copy and paste)



In December Ignacio Lopez and myself will be performing a DOUBLE FEATURE SHOWCASE across the country. Ignacio will be presenting his Festive Comedy Fiesta and I will, obviously, be performing 20 Sided Dice. It’s going to be hilarious, high energy and bloody fun. I’m even getting t-shirts made for people to buy if they want to. Tickets are now on sale in Manchester, Stony Stratford (Milton Keynes), Nottingham, Beeston, Chesterfield, Newport and Swansea. What an amazing Christmas present for yourself! They’re already selling so grab some now:


For Stony Stratford you have to use this link – BUY TICKETS HERE

Thank you ChrisPians!

FUCK MY DICE THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! A complete sell out for the first ever performance of “20 Sided Dice” at the Nottingham Comedy Festival and it was amazing, easily the best hour show I’ve ever written and the audience was so good. Thank you to everyone that came out, you really made it a perfect night for me. I can’t wait to keep touring this show. I’m on such a high right now! A stand-up show about Dungeons and Dragons and how it’s made my life better, I never thought I’d be able to do a show like this and it sold out! For everyone that came thank you again and I hope that tonight you, like me, will be killing some goblins.

Huge thank you to Taylor Saranic and Jen Bower for making it possible

If you’d like me to come to your city/town/hamlet/tavern and perform “20 Sided Dice” email me here

Here’s a little snippet for everyone that missed it